YCC in Denver
22 Jan

YCC in Denver

Three members of YCC traveled to Denver last week with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) Development Program to meet with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Canadian Consulate. We had excellent discussions about our trading partnership – the largest symbiotic relationship in the world – and appreciated the opportunity for an update on their market and trade outlooks.

Many thanks as well to JBS USA for welcoming us at their Greeley facility and Kuner feed yard; to Kevin & Julie Oshner for the ranch tour and to Foss Dairies for allowing us a look at their operations.

We look forward to hosting our NCBA Young Beef Leaders counterparts at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in August!

22 Jan

BCRC 2017 Webinars

Webinars are just like attending a workshop or conference, but from the comfort of your own home or office. We bring the presentation right to you. They’re easy to join and participate in. A solid, high-speed internet connection is required. Don’t have high-speed internet? Consider calling a neighbor that does and watch the webinar together, or call your regional ag office to ask whether arranging a group viewing is possible.

BCRC webinars are available and free of charge thanks to guest speakers who volunteer their time and expertise to support advancements in the Canadian beef industry, and through the Knowledge Dissemination and Technology Transfer project funded by the National Check-off and Canada’s Beef Science Cluster.

>> View upcoming Beef Cattle Research Council webinars

22 Oct

YCC October Update

Hello from the Young Cattlemen’s Council! Since being elected at YCC AGM held at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in August, we have been working hard to prepare to take YCC to the next level.

First a quick introduction, our council consists of nine members:

  • Brett McRae, YCC President, MB Rep
  • Jason Reid, YCC Vice President, ON Rep
  • Erika Strande, B.C. Rep
  • Kolton Kauser, AB Rep
  • Shane Klepak, SK Rep
  • Julian Colette, Maritimes Rep
  • Laura Bodell, Member at Large
  • Emily Ritchie, Member at Large
  • Ryan Scorgie, Member at Large

We are also very grateful to have Jill Harvie as our staff connection to CCA.


 AGM Report:

The 2016 YCC AGM was very well attended. We opened our AGM with a presentation from Mitch Smyth from New Holland. New Holland is our Platinum Sponsor. Past President Jake Meyer provided some background on the development of YCC and some of the milestones that the council has accomplished. From there we had committee reports both from our YCC committees and the CCA committees that our council members sit on. For our elections, we elected two new member at large positions (Ryan and Emily) from a list of 8 applicants. We were very happy with not only the number of applicants, but the calibre as well. I, Brett McRae was elected President, and Jason Reid was elected vice President. Both by acclimation. While ballots were counted we had presentations from Dr. Mary Buhr from the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence (sponsor of the YCC AGM) and Virgil Lowe, Co-Chair of CBIC. To Finish off our Meeting We had Marty Seymour of FCC give a great presentation about networking at events such as CBIC. If you ever have a chance to see Marty speak, I would highly recommend it! At the end of the meeting, everyone gathered outside by the New Holland equipment for a group picture. Again I would like to thank New Holland and the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence for being our sponsors.


Work that has been done since our AGM includes:

  • Our council members chosen to sit on CCA committees (Ex-Officio)
  • Animal Health & Care – Emily Ritchie
  • Domestic Ag & Regulations – Laura Bodell
  • Environment – Kolton Kauser
  • Executive – Brett McRae
  • Foreign Trade – Ryan Scorgie
  • Value Creation & Competitiveness – Shane Klepak

If you have questions about these areas of the beef industry, or would like to know more about the work that the CCA committees do, any of these YCC reps would be happy to talk to you!

We have also set goals for 2016/2017 which include:

  • Build stronger relationships with provincial organizations
  • Introduce a membership benefit and/or referral program
  • Increase sponsorship from companies related to the beef industry
  • Finalize terms of reference


Last but defiantly not least, Laura Bodell has done a fantastic job totally re-designing our website. Check it out at: http://youngcattlemenscouncil.com/

Till next time,
Brett McRae
President, Young Cattlemen’s Council

YCC President “On the Hill”
29 Sep

YCC President “On the Hill”

President Brett McRae was out in Ottawa for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Executive Meeting and the annual Picnic on the Hill event. Following are the highlights:

1. After the picnic, my local MP, Larry Maguire gave me a tour of Parliament Hill. Including the parliament library, the caucus room, and his personal experience of the terrorist attack from a few years ago. (including seeing the bullet holes in the walls!)

2. I was able to meet several MPs at while in Ottawa, Many of them were very relatable and easier to connect with that I was expecting. It was especially interesting to meet Francis Drouin, an MP for the area surrounding Ottawa who sits on the Agriculture Standing Committee, and is my around my age.

3. Many of us went to sit in on the Agriculture Standing Committee meeting while Brian Thessin and Andrea Brocklebank presented on GMO use in the beef industry. I was surprised at how open minded and eager to learn all of the MPs at the table were. Also, Andrea did an excellent job responding to all of their questions and wording her answers very well.

4. This trip was a great chance for me to build better relationships with the members of the CCA Executive committee. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

5. At the Picnic on The Hill, I met up with a good friend of mine from high school that lives in Ottawa and works for Larry Maguire. It’s always good to catch up with an old friend.

16 May

BCRC wants to hear from you!

As someone who follows the BCRC Blog, you’re almost guaranteed to be what we call a ‘Canadian beef industry stakeholder’, meaning you

  • own or manage beef cattle,
  • conduct research on beef, cattle or forages,
  • are a large animal veterinarian,
  • own or work for an abattoir/beef processor,
  • are a government employee in a beef-related role,
  • work or volunteer for an organization that actively supports the beef industry, or
  • have another valuable role that supports and relies on Canadian beef production.

beef-research-priority-surveyYou hold a stake in the beef industry, so the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) and the Beef Value Chain Roundtable (BVCRT) rely on your input on research issues.

Please consider answering our 15-20 minute questionnaire by May 31st.
Click here.

Your feedback will inform the next five-year National Beef Research Strategy and impact the long term competitiveness of the Canadian beef industry.

14 Mar

CYL Reminder

The Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program is accepting applications until March 31st, 2016!

This is a great opportunity for anyone aged 18-35 who is seeking industry-specific training and mentorship within the Canadian Beef Industry! Selections will take place at the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference this August in Calgary, AB.

Applications are accepted online.
Click here for more information.

10 Mar

CCA Committee Reports

The YCC board joined the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association in Ottawa for their AGM, where we are pleased to have a member sit on each CCA committee to provide input and work with industry leaders at the highest level of governance and policy development. Reports from each committee meeting are below: More