YCC President “On the Hill”
29 Sep

YCC President “On the Hill”

President Brett McRae was out in Ottawa for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Executive Meeting and the annual Picnic on the Hill event. Following are the highlights:

1. After the picnic, my local MP, Larry Maguire gave me a tour of Parliament Hill. Including the parliament library, the caucus room, and his personal experience of the terrorist attack from a few years ago. (including seeing the bullet holes in the walls!)

2. I was able to meet several MPs at while in Ottawa, Many of them were very relatable and easier to connect with that I was expecting. It was especially interesting to meet Francis Drouin, an MP for the area surrounding Ottawa who sits on the Agriculture Standing Committee, and is my around my age.

3. Many of us went to sit in on the Agriculture Standing Committee meeting while Brian Thessin and Andrea Brocklebank presented on GMO use in the beef industry. I was surprised at how open minded and eager to learn all of the MPs at the table were. Also, Andrea did an excellent job responding to all of their questions and wording her answers very well.

4. This trip was a great chance for me to build better relationships with the members of the CCA Executive committee. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

5. At the Picnic on The Hill, I met up with a good friend of mine from high school that lives in Ottawa and works for Larry Maguire. It’s always good to catch up with an old friend.